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Make your own fractals online with Fractal Lab….

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  1. For my project I caeetrd the impossible triangle in three dimensions kind of. I initially tried to make the impossible triangle out of a more solid material than wood but that turned out to be quite impossible. I did some research online and found an optical illusion artist who had made a three dimensional replica of an impossible triangle. His design was good, but I tweaked it some to make it better. (Materials used were paper and cardstock.) From a certain perspective (above and slightly far away) the sides line up correctly and the figure does in face look like the impossible triangle. The mathematics behind my project come from our study of impossible figures and perspective, because the illusion only works from one perspective. My inspiration came from my fascination with the impossible figures, and my background with technology classes. I like building things, and I really enjoyed figuring out exactly what it was that made the impossible figures impossible.

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