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  1. For my project I cearted a fractal. A fractal is an irregular object which displays some level of self-simiarlity. My art work contains self-simiarlity within its self, by scaling down in size or in a dilation of its self.I used 2 different shapes to create my Fractal. The first is a similar to create to triangle with a curved base. The next is a thin oval with pointy edges. The fractal by grouping 4 copies of the shape I cearted and scaled them down to size.The center is scaled by 10 square(graph paper) or 5 on each side and then 16 for the triangle horizontally or 8 on each half. The scaling continues by substracting 2 from both the oval and triangle shape.The 2 on the side are scaled by decreasing 1 in length of the triangle. Finally the bottom one follows the same scaling as the outter 2 scaling. I used colored pencils, graph paper and poster paper

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