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War Machine:

War on Ourselves:




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Over the last few months, the price of a bitcoin in USD blew up 6400% from $.50 to $32 before dropping as low as $15 over the last 2 days. This extreme market activity (along with the sensationalization of Silk Road) has caused a rapid increase in bitcoin investment and commentary. As a bitcoin enthusiast, I’ve decided to join the ranks of pro-bitcoin bloggers. This is at least partially a response to the lamestream meadia’s misunderstanding of and perhaps even hostility towards bitcoin. Keep reading for some analysis… Continue reading »

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Have you guys heard of bitcoin yet? Here’s the original paper: Bitcoin – A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. Or immerse yourself in bitcoin culture at the bitcoin wiki and the bitcoin forum. Bitcoins are currently trading around $9 $18 (6/6) at the largest bitcoin market, mt. gox (featuring dark pools and soon offering margin trading and options). You can get hyperanalytical comparing various international markets at bitcoin charts. Or watch live bitcoin transactions with a block explorer and bitcoin monitor. Right now the bitcoin economy is pretty small (eg. stores, classifieds) but you can still gamble at the bitcoin poker room or bitcoin vegas poker. Or buy drugs! For now… You can donate to your favorite hackers. It’s all up to you! Here’s some hyperbolic commentary:

If you want to get started, download the bitcoin software to obtain a wallet and mine some bitcoins. Then, send me some at: 14gFPynCLAGmhhmZcPaaXPf6vBt7NKaY56

It’s called “College Conspiracy”, so you can expect some wild moments… Mostly entertaining.

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I’ve only watched the first 15 seconds and already it’s pretty awesome….

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