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Have you guys heard of bitcoin yet? Here’s the original paper: Bitcoin – A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. Or immerse yourself in bitcoin culture at the bitcoin wiki and the bitcoin forum. Bitcoins are currently trading around $9 $18 (6/6) at the largest bitcoin market, mt. gox (featuring dark pools and soon offering margin trading and options). You can get hyperanalytical comparing various international markets at bitcoin charts. Or watch live bitcoin transactions with a block explorer and bitcoin monitor. Right now the bitcoin economy is pretty small (eg. stores, classifieds) but you can still gamble at the bitcoin poker room or bitcoin vegas poker. Or buy drugs! For now… You can donate to your favorite hackers. It’s all up to you! Here’s some hyperbolic commentary:

If you want to get started, download the bitcoin software to obtain a wallet and mine some bitcoins. Then, send me some at: 14gFPynCLAGmhhmZcPaaXPf6vBt7NKaY56

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My homie, Dur, pointed out this nice collection of Ulam Spiral pics. The Ulam Spiral describes the picture you get, when you make a spiral of the natural numbers circling all the primes. The basic version looks like this:

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The ctkrohn page also blabs a little about the twin prime conjecture and some recent results of green and tao about the existence of arithmetic prime progressions of arbitrary length. The gist is that we know very little about basic patterns within the primes. My guess is that any reasonable pattern probably exists in there somewhere… probably infinitely often… just a guess tho…

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