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keep going for bonus #freetopiary artwork….

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I’m still waiting for Diaspora Beta…

BT vs USD over 1 month via bitcoincharts

Over the last few months, the price of a bitcoin in USD blew up 6400% from $.50 to $32 before dropping as low as $15 over the last 2 days. This extreme market activity (along with the sensationalization of Silk Road) has caused a rapid increase in bitcoin investment and commentary. As a bitcoin enthusiast, I’ve decided to join the ranks of pro-bitcoin bloggers. This is at least partially a response to the lamestream meadia’s misunderstanding of and perhaps even hostility towards bitcoin. Keep reading for some analysis… Continue reading »

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Check out these kidz threading the E8 root system.

I’ve barely begun to blog about math and I’m already having typesetting nightmares. Mathematicians generally use tex or latex to typeset. For example, my thesis was a minor latex project involving  various extension/plugin packages for tricky typesetting (eg. amscd for commutative diagrams). I’m writing this blog with wordpress and so far I haven’t found a good typesetting plugin1. I’ve installed WP Math Publisher, but I’ve found it lacking. My main issue is that it doesn’t work, even after chmoding my way around some minor permission errors. I wound up borrowing this from wikipedia for the natural numbers post. But, even if I get WP Math Publisher to work, I noticed that WP Math Publisher might not have a , so I’m probably screwed when I get to the rational numbers. Ad hoc I could use textogif to typeset individual expressions2 into gifs, but that feels inelegant and laborious. Maybe, if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll write my own wordpress plugin based on latex and textogif. If I’m really lucky, then I’ll get my dream job, where I’ll have some interested  and motivated chump student write this plugin for me. In the meantime, if you have any advice, hollllllla in the comments.

  1. I did find this plugin for footnotes, but I’m not sure if I like it.
  2. I love this example of a non-expression:
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